Wouldn’t it be great if each child was born with an instruction manual!?! Parenting is one of the most difficult and joyous jobs out there. Plus add the communication and agreement needed between two parents. Pile on top of that a desire to see your child interact in the world responsibly. Don’t forget Jesus in the mix. Finally, put yourself in the mix! Overwhelmed, scared, under qualified.

Our plan is to help you understand your role in life as a Believer and how that plays out as a parent. We will pass down key principles from the Bible about family, help you work with your child’s other parent, whether you are married to them or not, and leave you with practical skills each week. We will also plan a get together at our home for a casual time of questions and answers with personal brainstorming for your situation.

We have been teaching parenting classes for over 25 years, constantly fine tuning our curriculum. Tom is a science person with a drive for learning and growing. Lori is a people person with a drive to connect and grow. They are as opposite as can be in every way. Their kids are as different as can be also. Yet, we have authentic relationships with one another. Plus, each of our kids has chosen to walk with Jesus. We believe God is the perfect parent and yet many of His kids choose not to walk with Him. Humility and Humor is essential for this course, as well as a desire to understand who you are in Christ to enable you to parent.

We are excited to meet you all and learn together! This course is geared for parents with younger children, but all are welcome!.

Join us each Sunday in the basement during the 10:30am service, beginning January 28th.

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Parenting Class

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  • Jan 28
    10:30 am
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